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The Qualitymanagement - Principle

The American physicist and statistician William Edwards Deming is, so to speak, the father of today's quality management (hereinafter referred to as QM). Deming, as a student of Walter A. Shewhart (the founder of statistical process control), developed the process-oriented view of the activities of a company from the 1940s, which later also found its way into the various quality standards and quality management teachings. Deming is thus permanently associated with the P - D - C - A principle.

Let's change the story and assume that Sisyphus was powerful in quality management, because then the story would have gone like this:

Well, but what is behind a P-D-C-A principle? First of all, P-D-C-A is of course an abbreviation and stands for:

PLAN - DO - CHECK - ACT —— in German: for PLAN - DO - CHECK - IMPLEMENT

Let's take a much bigger leap back in history - to the time of Greek mythology.

SISYPHUS...we know the story, disgraced, had to carry a large stone to the top of the mountain as punishment, and failed at the task time and time again. And why? He didn't know the P-D-C-A principle!

Sisyphus had an idea while rolling up the big stone... a PLAN / PLAN;

before the big stone rolled back again and again, he put a smaller stone under the big one for support.

And... DO / TUN... it worked and made his task easier in the long term - it could be used again and again.

But his new problem was that in addition to rolling up his large stone, he also had to carry a smaller stone.

He now came up with the further developed idea of replacing the small stone with a lighter wooden wedge.

He used this ACT / IMPLEMENT method, which has now been further developed, until he was able to successfully implement and complete the task assigned to him.

My Philosophy regarding the introduction, Implementation and Sustainability of a QM-System

Graf Bernadotte Consulting would like to bring you closer to QM in a simple and easily understandable way. Using a methodology that is easy for you to understand, I advise you on the development and implementation of a QM or IMS system that makes sense for you.

I will discuss with you the requirements of the standard/s in relation to the creation of the necessary documents, the implementation of processes and, of course, the control and maintenance of the documents / processes in your company.

I would also be happy to carry out the required "internal audits" for you and advise you on an accredited certified person to obtain a sustainable QM certificate.

After successful initial certification, I will advise you on a sustainable CIP (continuous improvement process) including cyclical monitoring audits and recertification.

DIN EN ISO 9001 is and remains the mother - the basis of all QM standards.

Building on this, there are further, very helpful and meaningful standards. For example, there is DIN EN ISO 14001 for environmental management or DIN EN ISO 50001 for energy management. Both standards that are indispensable in relation to a responsible, social and sustainable environmental policy.

If one decides on a combination of different standards, one calls the IMS - an integrated management system.

The advantage of such an IMS is that with the auditing to obtain or check a DIN EN ISO 9001, more than half of the standard requirements of a 14001 and/or 50001 are verified.

The lead auditor, i.e. can subsequently concentrate on the specific requirements of the standard and thus create economic synergies.

It makes sense for all standards at the IMS to be audited by a certifier in order to use the synergies created effectively.

Another standard area that should not be missing in any company today is the topic of data protection and the GDPR.

Especially in our new and digital world, IT security plays an increasingly important role and with elementary requirements.

You can achieve protection for your customers and (in the sense of an exemption) for you as an entrepreneur by implementing an information security management system in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001 / 27002.

I would like to end with the words of Henry Ford:

" Whoever does what he already can, always remains what he already is! "

So... keep evolving... and we'll support and advise you.

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